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Passion is Manifestation Fuel

Check your passion. Create an environment at work for others to assess & nurture their own. Without passion, there’s no energy for business manifestation.

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Passion is manifestation fuel

Passion as Fuel

Passion is the fuel. Without it, it’s like driving on an empty tank – it’s not possible to go anywhere. With a lot of passion, however, you reach your manifestation faster.

As Iza Sia Login says: "If there is passion, there is energy for manifestation. Without passion, you cannot manifest.’’

Manifestation at work

Check your own Passion

Do a sincere self check: Are you tasked with a deliverable that you’re only doing because you were told to do it? Or do you truly want to do it? Check your passion to have, feel and experience what you manifest.

Passion of the team

It’s important that you, as a conscious leader, bring your passion with you. But it is equally important that all your team members feel it as well, especially on a group objective.

Imagine you want a new team member to join and help with the workload. But your coworker could feel competitive with someone new. Or another colleague feels anxious that they might lose their job when someone else joins. These beliefs dampen the passion of the overall team. 

Compare that to a situation where the whole team believes that a new hire will make them better, faster, more effective and more successful. That energy – their passion – is enough to fuel the team’s need for a new hire - exactly as manifested.

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