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Best practices for everyone to achieve prosperity, love, and happiness.


The purpose of Login5 Aphrodite is for people to live consciously, in harmony, joy and love.​



I am Iza Login and my life is dominated by my deep love of nature – the beloved Pachamama who teaches us by example how to love everyone and anyone unconditionally.

My mission and passion is to explore the area of co-creation and to share my knowledge and experience with you.

  • Every person wants prosperity, love, and happiness.
  • Every person manifests his/her own reality.
  • Taking responsibility for everything that is happening to us in our lives is a big step, but so liberating that it is worth taking it.
  • Prosperity, love, and happiness are inner feelings, and everyone carries responsibility for their feelings and the responsibility to reach and feel them.

My heart sings when I create content for Login5 Aphrodite.


To consciously create your own happiness you need to fulfill all aspects of your life.



Be part of a new era of cooking where healthy, organic and fresh are synonyms for tasty, delicious and yummy food.

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Aphrodite is the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. Let our life be fulfilled by love, joy, beauty, gratitude and fruitful purpose. Our souls and spirits need food as much as our bodies …

Become a co-creator

The real feelings of prosperity, love, and happiness

The school of life is the path that guides us and is our greatest teacher. Every person is unique, so there is no simple recipe to follow. However, there are guidelines and good practices that can help us immensely if we are honest with ourselves.

To achieve the best effects, we must ensure good harmony between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. For me, starting with the physical level is the most optimal way to start, though some people may do it the other way around. The most important thing is to work in parallel with all four levels and not to give up even if we face some hard challenges from time to time.


Take care of your body

Food, water, and air give our bodies the energy to survive in the physical world. It depends on the quality of food, water, and air how well our body works and how much creative energy it produces.

Staying in motion is another extremely important area that allows us to remain vital because the lifestyle of the majority of people in the last decades requires us to consciously devote some of our time to exercise.

For this purpose, we prepared a web page with healthy food recipes and tips for a healthy life.


Take care of your soul

The first, very important level, to which we knowingly have a great influence, is our thoughts. With our thoughts, whether we like it or not, we create a great deal of our reality. It is therefore very important that we are aware of them and that we knowingly direct them in a positive direction.


Connecting with the higher self, the source energy of the creation of the soul, is a spiritual level and the last level we are working on. We knowingly include it in all the levels described above. Through meditative practices, we are deepening our higher self and we have a positive impact on all levels described above.

People are emotional beings. In a healthy emotional life, we strive for stable emotions with no great fluctuations, and we want to feel love, joy, and compassion for as long as possible. Sometimes due to traumatic experiences in the past, this is not always possible, so we need to become aware of our traumatic experiences and heal them

The harmony between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels is achieved by continuous  work on all four at the same time, with love for ourselves and with “merciless” sincerity. The more we can do, the closer we get to prosperity, love, and happiness.

Conscious co-creation of our reality is based on the flow we achieve with the harmony we have described. Techniques of co-creation then teach us how to set clear goals that we are pursuing with the passion that gets the energy from all levels described above.

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We will open-source our work, giving everyone the opportunity to use the results of our research for free.

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